Photo-Ops & Autographs

Dichen Lachman

Autograph – $40
Photo-Op  – $40

Tahmoh Penikett

Autograph – $40
Photo-Op  – $40

Zoie Palmer

Autograph – $40
Photo-Op  – $40

Courtenay Taylor

Autograph – $20
Photo-Op  – $30

Dana Snyder

Autograph – $25
Selfie – $25
Autograph & Selfie – $40

Rikki Simons

Autograph – $30
Photo-Op  – $30

Sandeep Parikh

Autograph – TBA
Photo-Op  – $30


12pm Dichen Lachman
12:30 Tahmoh Penikett
1pm Zoie Palmer
1:30  Sandeep Parikh
2pm Dichen Lachman
2:30 Tahmoh Penikett
3pm Zoie Palmer
3:30 Courtenay Taylor
4pm Rikki Simons


10:30 Rikki Simons
11am Dichen Lachman
11:30 Tahmoh Penikett
12pm  Zoie Palmer
12:30 Courtenay Taylor
1pm Sandeep Parikh
1:30 Zoie Palmer
2pm Dichen Lachman
2:30 Tahmoh Penikett



Pre-orders for Autographs and Photo-Ops will be available on-line through Mar 2.   Just bring your photo ID with you to pick up your GREEN voucher at the Pre-Reg Booth anytime while Registration is open.  Or buy a RED photo-op voucher/YELLOW autograph at the Reg Booths anytime while Registration is open. People with GREEN pre-order vouchers will be able to go to the front of the line (ahead of red and yellow vouchers).  Pre-Reg GREEN vouchers can be used during any of the applicable scheduled times on either day.

Vouchers can be purchased at 

For Photo-Ops, you may have one other adult in the picture and/or up to three children, not to exceed a total of four people, including you (not counting the Guest).

All Guests are scheduled to be at CONjure doing signings throughout Sat-Sun.

Most of the Guests will allow “selfie” photos with your camera.  Information and pricing will be posted at each Guest’s table.