Past Guests Include:

Nicholas Brendon – Actor

Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Coherence”, “Criminal Minds”.


eric-garciaEric Garcia  “Face Off.”  Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Girls of the Con was founded by Jason L. Bohannon and Traci Tant during 2007’s Dragon Con in Atlanta, Ga. We were inspired by the art show and the cosplay elements of the convention to put together a site featuring all the great cosplayers and to produce a yearly calendar featuring themed artwork from the various fantasy and sci-fi genres represented at the many cons throughout the U.S.

Erin_GrayErin Gray is an internationally known actress, 70s supermodel and now founder of “Heroes for Hire“, a company that represent artists for personal appearances. “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, “Silver Spoons”, “The Guild”, “Malibu U”, “Magnum PI”, “Law and Order”, “Hunter”, “Baywatch”, “Profiler“.

candy-keane-jedi-junkiesCandy L. Keane started Three Muses Inspired Clothing in 2005 as a way of turning her passion for costuming into a career. Since then her costumes and cosplay photos have been featured in movies, TV, magazines, books and online. Recently, her appearance on the cover of  the “Jedi Junkies” documentary has been extra buzzworthy. She not only makes the costumes, but also does her hair, make-up and special fx (horns, ears, fangs, etc.) to go with each outfit. In 2009 she opened a retail location in Jacksonville, FL featuring her own handmade items, plus retail brands and items by local artists. Candy continues to share her love of costuming with people all over the world through her boutique website and by dressing up at numerous events and conventions throughout the year. She also sells many of her handmade items and costumes exclusively through her Etsy page. Check out the costume gallery for unique creations, character cosplays and customer photos. For a more in-depth look at the costumes and events, along with the latest boutique news, customer photos and convention reports visit Candy’s blog: A Mused Life.

joel-hodgsonJoel Hodgson is best known for creating the Peabody award-winning movie riffing sci-fi series “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, “HBO’s Young Comedians Special” as well as “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Joel also had several appearances on the beloved “Freaks and Geeks”,“Steven Universe.” Joel recently completed six years of touring with the original cast of MST3K in Cinematic Titanic.

kelly-hu-2Kelly Hu appears on the CW series “Arrow,” as China White. “The Vampire Diaries”, “Hawaii 5-0,”, “Young Justice”“Phineas and Ferb”, “X-MEN 2”,  “Growing Pains”, “Crade to the Grave”, “SCORPION KING”, “THE DOORS”, NO WAY BACK“, “Army Wives”,CSI”.

George LoweGeorge Lowe is best known as the voice of Space Ghost from Cartoon Network’s long running series, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. He has also voiced Dad on The Brak Show, Dick on Sealab 2021, as well as many characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken.

David DOC OConnell Face OffDavid “Doc” O’Connell is a visual artist whose skills range from FX makeup to photography. Over the past six years David has worked to bring his visions to life in multimedia including TV, film and photography.  His attention to detail has been recognized and earned him work with national ads and garnered several nominations in the film industry. And he’s currently competing in the Season 7 cast of SyFy’s “Face Off.”

sandeep-parikhSandeep Parikh is the founder of Effinfunny, a comedy portal through which he has produced, directed and written hit Web series including: “The Legend of Neil” for Comedy Central, and “Save the Supers” for My Dam Channel. As an actor, he is best known for his role as Zaboo in arguably the most popular series online, “The Guild” which has garnered more than 300 million views. He’s made television appearances on “The Crazy Ones,” “Community” and “Californication,” and was a judge on Syfy’s “Viral Video Showdown.” Additionally, Sandeep made the little league all-star team in seventh grade for his defensive prowess and bunting/stealing ability and is now one of the best Indian slow pitch softball pitchers in the LA county C-league. 

Chad Rook picture for Conjure1Chad Rook – Actor/Writer/Director
The Flash”
“Sanctuary”, “Supernatural” “Alcatraz”, and  “Cult”.

mark-sheppardMark Sheppard – Actor
“Battlestar Galactica”, “Firefly”,  “Supernatural”, “The X-Files”, “CSI”, “Star Trek: Voyage”, “Leverage,” “Chuck,” “Supernatural”, “Warehouse 13”, “Doctor Who”, “The Conduit”.

Dana Snyder is a comedian, actor, producer, voice artist, and man about town!  “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, Granny in “Squidbillies”, The Alchemist in “The Venture Bros.”, Gazpacho in “Chowder”, Mr. Baldwin in “Fish Hooks”, Robot Chicken”, “Mad”, and “Bravest Warriors”, “Code Monkeys” (Todd, Warden Shank), “Adventure Time” (Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving, The Train), “Minoriteam” (Dr. Wang), “Robotomomy” (Dreadnot, Thunderbite).

Featured Artist

Paul Vincenti has been creating images (and some might say mischief) for over 25 years. Based in Orlando, Paul’s style and subjects have a unique overlap between fantasy illustrations and the fine art world. Everyone agrees that Paul is blessed with boundless energy. His professional endeavors have spanned many media, including forays into musical composition and production. He has been well-received at the conventions, winning many awards including the coveted “Artist Choice” at DragonCon in Atlanta three times (2007, 2008 and 2010) and many other awards. Paul’s works are on display at major art shows, tradeshows, conventions and various galleries. Just look for the guy with the long blonde hair and little black hat.

Special Guests

brema-ebbingBrema Ebbing is a costume designer based in Jacksonville, Fla. who specializes in custom cosplay orders. She’s also a well-known cosplayer — and model — who’s famous for her curves. Ebbing is a SCAD grad (Savannah College of Art and Design) with costume experience in both theater and film. She currently shares design space and sensibility with fellow cosplayer Candy Keane at Three Muses Clothing. Prior to that, Ebbing worked on many film and theater productions such as “Kill Bill” and “Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical.”

Cher Davis, Co-Founder/Marketing Director, BéMai Productions
Originally from NYC, Cher has a technical background in IT as well as a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. She has come to love the natural beauty, the culture and the entertainment scene of Northern Florida. Cher is proud to be the co-founder of a female-led company in the entertainment industry.
Cher has also been an actress in commercial work as well as several short films. Her experiences have given her a unique insight into the myriad of forms that storytelling can take and to become the most effective storyteller she can be across multiple platforms. Through both her acting and her design work, her passion is to effectively communicate the message behind the pivotal moments that come alive on screen.  You can check out some of Cher’s freelance design work at, and a list of her past film roles is available at

HPGSarah Hanchar
is The Happy Pink Girl! She likes to sing, tell stories, and improvise. Sarah, a professional actor and Second City trained improviser, teams up with composer and accompanist Elaine Pechacek. Together, they have performed Happy Pink Girl across the country. Sarah shares the joys of theme park employment, cockroach phobias, and her obsession with her dogs. Sarah and Elaine are delighted to write new material for CONjure to celebrate the geeky side of The Happy Pink Girl. Come listen to Sarah improvise songs, play the tambourine, and make with the funny!

DCIM100GOPRORobert J. Massetti is an independent filmmaker and owner of FEAR FILM Studios in Orlando, Fla. Robert started the company with a desire to be on the cutting edge of the horror movie genre. With the success of Robert’s 1999 short film “When Shadows Lie Darkest,” his hard work and determination has molded FEAR FILM into a full service production company producing feature length, horror films with worldwide distribution. Titles include “Realms of Blood,” “Blackout,” “Phobias,” “The Thing Under My Bed,” “Fear Girls” series, “As Night Falls,” “Creepy Crawly” and the short film “IT WAITS.” Robert is also the founder and executive director of an annual festival called “Freak Show Horror Film Festival” which is one of the largest horror film fests in the United States. Learn more at  or

Mai Nguyen, Founder/CEO, BéMai Productions
Mai Nguyen started BéMai Productions in 2013 after completing her Bachelors’ Degree in Film. “Kingdom of Karza” was inspired by a mixture of films from Mai’s childhood combined with her experiences growing up around people from many different cultures.  In addition to her position as company co-founder and CEO, Mai has produced and directed several short films as well as multiple television productions. For updates on upcoming projects, visit the BéMai Productions company website at

Jamie Pearce (formerly Roush) is the founder of Historic Haunts Investigations. She has been professionally involved in the paranormal for over 18 years, and is a Paranormal Investigator, former member of the Rhine Institute, and has a certificate in Parapsychology which she received under Loyd Auerbach. She also is a genealogist and her research ability comes in handy on investigations.She is a former feature columnist in The Florida Times Union Shorelines edition with her column entitled, Ghostly Shores. It featured stories across Florida’s northeast Atlantic coast that are haunted.Pearce is also an author of the Paranormal. Historic Haunts Florida, which came out in 2011, and her 2nd book, Historic Haunts of the South, was released in 2013. She started working on the third book in the series, Historic Haunts of the South 2, and hopes for it to be out by Summer 2014. You can order her books from her website.

She is a proud member of the FWA Florida Writers Association.

Pearce started Historic Haunts Investigations in January 2004 to try to help people who were experiencing the paranormal and to answer questions they might have on what is still a touchy subject. Located in Jacksonville Florida, the team has traveled across the country on their investigations helping people with their paranormal needs.  Jamie  has always been interested in the supernatural and had her first experience at a very early age. The reason she started Historic Haunts was to share their investigations with people, help answer paranormal questions, and to be there for people who need their home or business investigated.  Plus, to hopefully help the non-believer become more open minded and realize, ghosts do exist.

Widgett Walls is the online nom du café of John A. Robinson. Walls is the chief cook and bottle washer of Need Coffee Dot Com. In that capacity, he serves as the site’s editor, the driver and critic behind over 175 Wayhomer movie reviews, the ringleader of over 200 Weekend Justice multi-hour mega-podcasts, the chairman of the Solve This! panel show/improv game, and also the site’s head janitor. John A. Robinson is the real world nom de guerre of Widgett Walls. Robinson is the author of the novel Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point and three short story collections: Magnificent Desolation and Something Else: The Complete First and Second Season. He is also co-author with Ken Plume and Len Peralta of the children’s book, There’s a Zombie in My Treehouse! When not writing, he’s producing audiobooks under his One Tusk Audio banner. Walls and Robinson have never been seen at the same place at the same time, and if asked, have been known to deny each other’s existence. However, both live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. Neither sleeps.

Lynn Conradt-Eberlin does not have a split personality (well, not much of one). By day, she is the founder of Write Book Drive, a branding and social media marketing service that caters to writers and their specific needs. As a writer herself, she brings a unique perspective to marketing strategies for indie authors and book life cycles. Lynn will be sharing marketing methods that involve your creativity and respects your voice. Her alter ego and nom de plume, K L Murgatroyd, is a ghostwriter and undergoing the throes of first edit on her own indie publication. She will share her education and experience in breakout sessions designed specifically for science fiction, fantasy and supernatural writers.

Dalton Cyr is a teenaged singer/songwriter/musician who instantly captivates audiences with his powerful guitar, intense vocal delivery and lively stage show. His original music uniquely merges pop and rock with infectious hooks. Already a prolific songwriter, Dalton debuted his first EP at age 11, his first LP at 12, and is currently working on his next album which he began recording with multi-platinum music producer Paul Fox (10,000 Maniacs, REM, Rod Stewart, Ziggy Marley, Phish) and an all-star cast of musicians including Josh Freese (Sting, Guns-n-Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Devo, The Vandals, Dixie Chicks, etc.) and Aron Forbes (X-Factor band & Music Director for One Direction) in L.A. In the spring of 2013, Dalton was selected by industry talent scouts as one of the 20 most promising songwriters in the world and was chosen to participate in the 2013 International Prodigy workshop. With fans in 149 countries around the world, Dalton has toured in the United States and performed in France.

Scott Gardner is the co-founder of the “Two True Freaks!” (, an internet radio program which began as a simple collaboration with his best friend in late 2008 to discuss their geeky interests. It has since grown into a massive network featuring dozens of hosts across multiple programs that serve tens of thousands of listeners each month on a wide variety of “Nerd World” subjects such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, giant monsters, fangirl interests, and, of course, comic books — among many, many others!”

The Ken Spivey Band is an Time Lord Rock group that combines steampunk elements with mad Celtic energy into Time-Wimey, theatrical and comedic revelry. Doctor Who-themed steampunk!

The GEEKS OF COMEDY are a confederation of professional comedians who express their love of geek culture by trying to destroy it every chance they get, and they have come to CONjure with a two-pronged assault! On Friday night they will be hacking into all facets of fandom in a standup comedy show recommended for 18+ only (cuz some of them talk nastier than 4chan on new-comic Wednesday)! On Sunday, they will be back to perform a geek improv show geared for all audiences, just don’t give them lame suggestions, we’re all geeks here so PUSH THEM…they dare you!

Richard Lee Byers is the author of 40 fantasy and horror novels including Pathfinder Tales: Called to Darkness, Blind God’s Bluff, an urban fantasy novel, and The Reaver: The Sundering Book IV, the latest in a series of books set in the Forgotten Realms universe. His novel The Spectral Blaze won Diehard GameFAN’s award for the Best Game-Based Novel of 2011.Richard is also the creator of The Impostor, a post-apocalyptic superhero eBook series. He has published dozens of short stories, some of which are collected in the eBooks The Plague Knight and Other Stories and The Q Word and Other Stories. He writes a monthly feature for the SF news site Airlock Alpha.

Richard lives in the Tampa Bay area, where he spends much of his free time fencing and playing poker. He is a frequent guest at Gen Con, Dragon Con and Florida SF conventions. He invites everyone to Follow him on Twitter (@rleebyers), Friend him on Facebook, and add him to your Circles on Google+.

Will Ludwigsen is an American writer of horror, mystery, and science fiction. His work has appeared in a number of magazines including Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales, and Strange Horizons as well as his first collection of short fiction, Cthulhu Fhtagn, Baby! and Other Cosmic Insolence.

Ludwigsen was born on 27 June 1973. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Florida in 1994, followed by a Master’s in the same discipline at the University of North Florida in 2005. In 2006, he attended the Borderlands Boot Camp for horror writers and the Clarion East Writers Workshop. Currently, he is seeking a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern Maine Stonecoast MFA program.

His first accepted story, “Cthulhu Fhtagn, Baby!” appeared in Weird Tales in 2002. Since then, he’s sold close to thirty short stories. He writes a regular column for the Horror World web site as well as a blog at his own site,

The ConMother

Dementia von Grimm dementia-von-grimm-the-conmotherDementia’s origins are relatively unclear, but some say her roots hail from the Italian island of Ischia. She grew up with counsel members closely associated with Sicily’s Cosa Nostra. Only when she emigrated to the U.S. upon adulthood — and subsequently forayed into the nightclub entertainment industry — which afforded her the opportunity to express her observational strategy skills which she grew. For the past decade (or more), Dementia has been fortunate enough to integrate into a community where her perceptive and consultative nature is not only accepted, but embraced. Costuming. She’s been able to channel her creative intuition and savoir-faire into breathing life into characters she’s long admired such as Purgatori, Morticia Addams, Snow White’s Evil Queen, Lily Munster, and her personal favorite, (which she considers her alter-ego) Dogwitch, just to name a few. Dementia has been a long-engrained member of the costuming subculture, earning her a place as the nicknamed “The ConMother,” due to her extensive sagacity and experience. Dementia exudes her consigliere-ism with grace, style and a passionate attitude that no one else could bring to the table quite the same. She brings that same intensity to all her varied artistic endeavors in which she’s partaken over the course of her life. Dementia is always seeking to nourish fledglings and impart her glorious wisdom upon those who venture into the realm of cosplay and costuming. Keep up with Dementia at: Deviantart Facebook Tumblr

  • Ron Perlman – Hellboy, Beauty and the Beast, Sons of Anarchy, Adventure Time, Teen Titans, Star Trek: Nemesis, Blade II, Cronos, City of Lost Children
  • Jewel Staite – Firefly, Serenity, Stargate: Atlantis, Higher Ground, Wonderfalls, Supernatural, Warehouse 13
  • Mercedes McNab – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural, Addams Family Values, Hatchet
  • Erin Gray – Buck Rodgers, Silver Spoons, The Guild, Baywatch
  • Stephen Furst – Babylon 5, Animal House, St. Elsewhere, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • Gary Graham – Alien Nation, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Jace Hall Show, JAG, Nip/Tuck
  • Debi Derryberry – Monster High, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Wreck-It Ralph, Crash Bandicoot   
  • Brian Thompson – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Charmed
  • George Lowe – Space Ghost, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, The Brak Show
  • Tony Amendola  Stargate SG1, Once Upon a Time, Continuum, The Mask of Zorro, Dexter, Seinfeld
  • Chase Masterson – Star Trek: DS9, Terminal Invasion, Men in Tights, Fist of the North Star
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler – WWF
  • Elizabeth Ann Allen – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bull, Bill the Intern
  • Sam Jones III – Smallville
  • Marv Wolfman – Comic book writer extraordinaire. Creator/Co-creator of the Marvel characters: Blade, Blackcat, Bullseye, and Nova; and the DC characters: Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Tim Drake (Robin III); and a bazillion others.
  • Voltaire
  • mcchris
  • Larry Niven
  • Dr. Jerry Pournelle
  • Peter David
  • Cory Doctorow
  • PN Elrod
  • RedvsBlue
  • Mike Conrad
  • Phil Brucato
  • Arne Starr
  • Select Start
  • Yeti
  • Fusebox Funk


. . . and a ton of other people!