The CONjure 2016 Costume Contests:


Cosplayers! Here is your opportunity to strut your stuff and show off your cosplay creations in front of an audience and our accomplished judges!  CONjure will have a cosplay contest on Saturday AND on Sunday.  The contests will take place on Saturday in Citron at 5:00pm, and on Sunday in Citron at 4:00pm.  Be sure to sign up IN ADVANCE  on either day of the convention from 10am- 3:00 pm. (Sign-up forms for the Pre-Judging will be available at the CONjure merchandise booth, as well as  the VIP Cospitality Lounge.) Pre-judging for Saturday will be in Lemon/Lime from 4:30-5:00 pm.  Pre-judging for Sunday will be Lemon/Lime from 3:30-4:00 pm. Sorry,  no entries will be taken after the 3:00 pm deadlines

The contests will be exhibition style. Contestants will walk across the stage as an emcee introduces them. Contestants are encouraged to be creative during their time on stage. Action poses, working with props, or calling out a character’s catch-phrase, where relevant, will all be viewed favorably. A positive stage-presence will be valued and appreciated by the judges, assuming it does not involve breaking any of the rules listed below.

Also, CONjure is very proud to announce that this year’s contests are sponsored by Central Florida’s premiere theatrical and cosplay supply boutique, Embellish FX!  The best of show winner at each contest will win $500 and a specialized Worbla package by Embellish FX!


  1. Purchased admission for CONjure 2016 is necessary in order to enter/ be present on stage for the Costume Contest.
  2. CONjure’s Cosplay Contest is a family-oriented event. Costumes, introductions, and actions on stage must be in good taste. No nudity, offensive language or unruly behavior is permitted.
  3. No pre-purchased costumes.  Costumes must be 50% crafted or more.  You may purchase pieces of a cosplay, but said parts must be disclosed during the pre-judging process.  If you are not the original maker of your costume, you must  give full credit to the design/creator in the costume description.
  4. All weapons and props must conform to CONjure rules, hotel and convention center policies, and local laws concerning carrying a weapon.  Please refer to the policies outlined in our CONjure program.
  5. Please provide reference images of the character as whom you are cosplaying. We cannot guarantee the judges will know what your character looks like, so having something to compare to will help you as much as them!  During pre-judging please provide a reference image  attached to your costume contest registration form.  It’s preferred if you have a hard copy as opposed to a digital image, so if at all possible,  please print the picture out for the judges.
  6. There is no restriction on  source for your costume.  This means all genres & “original characters” are permitted.
  7. The contests will be limited to 50 entries total each.  (NOTE: Costume Contest entry forms are available at the convention ONLY.  You may pick them up at CONjure’s merchandise booth or sign-up is available in the VIP Cospitality Lounge, as well.)
  8. CONjure expects that all contestants display good sportsmanship and be respectful to ALL competitors, volunteers and judges  (We reserve the right to disqualify any competitor who does not show courtesy and respect during the competition).
  9. All entries are eligible for Best in Show, as that is not exclusive to Individual or Group. A group entry or an individual may place as Best in Show.
  10. Costumes that have won any major awards at any past CONjure convention may NOT be entered into the 2016 CONjure Costume Contest.
  11. CONjure cannot accept lighting effect requests. IE: We cannot turn the lights off prior to your performance.
  12. Each contestant may present or wear one and only one costume per contest, or in cases of group entries, each member may wear one costume per person or may wear one costume together (i.e. large costumes that require several people inside to move it.)
  13. Contestants cannot wear the same costume for the Saturday contest as the Sunday contest.
  14. Each contestant will have  approx. 30 seconds of time to perform on stage.  This way, the judges have enough time to actually do their job and see/judge your cosplay and presentation.
  15. Youth participants (ages 14 and under) can be accompanied by a parent/guardian (they must have a con badge). This isn’t a requirement, just a suggestion, especially for children 6 and under.
  16. All contestants must be able to move their costume on their own. CONjure does not provide handlers, so you are responsible for  arranging proper accommodations personally for your costume if you require extra assistance.

*While no changes to these rules are foreseen, there are always circumstances that may require that some rules or times be changed. We appreciate all of our audience and contestants and will try our best to keep this to a minimum.  Any changes will be noted below. A copy of these rules will be posted at the information table on Saturday and Sunday of the convention.*
Please note: The Cosplay Director has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience, building or yourself, violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.






  • You may register for the Saturday or Sunday costume contest from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm either day of CONjure . You MUST register PRIOR to pre-judging to take part in the contest. Sign-up and registration forms will be available at the CONjure merchandise booth, as well as in the VIP Cospitality Lounge. When you sign up, you will be given a registration form, which must be filled out and brought with you to pre-judging.
  • SET UP: All contestants MUST report to the Citron Ballroom after pre-judging to be coordinated for the contest.  If you are late, you will not be in the contest.
  • The contests take place Saturday, March 5th, at 5pm  in Citron Ballroom, and Sunday, March 6th, at 4pm, in Citron Ballroom.
  • Contestants will be divided into categories (listed below) during pre-judging. Contestants will indicate on their entry forms  which category they prefer during pre-judging, although judges retain the right to bump a contestant into another category if they feel a costume is more appropriate for that division.
  • CONjure’s cosplay contest focuses on the exhibition of a cosplay. Design, craftsmanship, presentation, and quality will all be considered by the judges.
  • Contestants have approx 30 seconds on stage, so be sure to make the best of it! Don’t be so quick to rush off the stage. Smile, show off your creation, play to the audience, play to the judges, play to the emcee. Skits are not necessary, so enjoy the spotlight!
  • You may enter the contest both days, but the same costume cannot enter twice, sorry.


Best of Show  (Best overall – individual or group)
: This winner will take home $500 (+ a special Embellish FX Worbla package)
Best Individual   : This winner will take home $200
Best Costume Group : This winner will take home $200
Best Fabrication  (This award goes to a cosplay with an outstanding prop or armor): This winner will take  $50 and  $35 gift certificate to Offworld Lounge
Best Junior Costume  :  This winner will take home $50 and $35  gift certificate to Gods and Monsters


For your convenience, we are offering a downloadable PDF of the 2016 CONjure Cosplay Contest Registration Form. You are welcome to print and fill this out and bring it with you to the convention. Contestants still will be required to sign up at the CONjure merchandising booth or in the VIP Cospitality Suite prior to pre-judging. We will still have this form available at those locations for those unable to print it out prior. Please be sure to bring this, along with any reference/source photos (attached to the completed form) with you to pre-judging.


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