CONjure grants a limited number of Press Passes for the purpose of covering and reviewing our convention.  If you are interested in attending the event as press, please take the time to read the following expectations and information – then send an e-mail answering the questions below to

1.    Press Passes give the same access as a standard weekend admission passes.   They do NOT grant the wearer special privileges to convention Guests or events.

2.    Print publications (such as newspapers and magazines) are asked to include a website featuring their media for reference.

3.    Blogs and website only based media outlets must meet the following criteria:

·         Your site must be online and active since before Jan 1, 2015 with material on your site to support this.

·         Your site must have a domain of its own. (i.e. or are not acceptable, but is.)

·         You must have a Facebook and Twitter account.  Your Twitter account must have at least 1,000 followers or at least twice the number of followers as the number you are following.

4.    Podcasts (audio and video) must all meet the requirements of Blogs/Websites (#3) along with the following:

·         Your podcast must have at least twelve (12) complete episodes.

·         Understand that CONjure will not provide you any technical equipment or access to the Internet for your podcast. You’re on your own.

5.    Approved media outlets are granted no more than two (2) Press Passes.  No exceptions. Any additional members of your media team will need to purchase admission to the show.

6.    You must have an e-mail address based on your domain. (i.e. is not acceptable, but is.)

7.    CONjure Florida, LLC. reserves the right to refuse (and revoke) Press Passes for any reason at any time.

8.    Submission of a request does not guarantee Press Passes.   All approved press will receive an email confirmation before the show.   If you have not heard back from us within two weeks of the show, feel free to follow up with an e-mail to

9.    Please submit an e-mail without any obvious grammar and spelling mistakes as this will (very likely) result in your application being denied.  FYI.


-Name of Press Outlet

(Your blog, newspaper, radio station, television station, etc.)

-Name of Requester

(This would be your name.)

-Requester’s Phone Number

(Not required, but it makes it easier to get in touch with you.)

-Press Outlet’s Primary Format

(Blog, newspaper, radio station, television station, etc.)

-Press Outlet’s Website

(For reference purposes.)

-Anything else you’d like to tell us about you/your Press Outlet.