Be Gentle, It’s My First CON

Pre-con conversation at my house (complete with Greek SCA references):

First-time con-goer.

First-time con-goer and character creation panelist.

“I need a leopard. Actually, I need six of them to pull me around on a chariot if I am going to do this right. Oh, honey! Instead of Hera, I think we should make you a cat suit and I can lead you around CONjure on a leash.”

Yeah, you can imagine how that idea went over. For him especially.

I live in a house of inactive Society of Creative Anachronism members, and we are all going to a con. Hera and the leopard-lacking Dionysus have attended gaming cons before.

I am the con virgin in the group.

It all started with an opportunity to share some interactive classes for writers and game designers—“Character Creation for Young Minds” and “Awake the Muse: Inspired Observation Starring Cosplay.” Both workshops rely on focused brainstorming to strengthen character building and add detail in world-building. (Hope to see you at them!)

Cosplay has always intrigued me, and here was my chance to dabble in it. I choose Simi, from the Sherrilyn Kenyon books. Just a set of horns and some barbeque sauce, you know?  I mean, have you seen some of the sci-fi convention costumes? I wasn’t out to compete, just be able to play.

Then a friend mentioned some wings she had that would be perfect. Then I reached into my closet and discovered I had some pieces a hipster demon might wear.

About that time, the housemates decided this would be fun. Since the Greek pantheon ties into the stories I was inspired by, and they loved doing Greek in the SCA … well, the house is becoming a costuming workshop with props, makeup and intense discussion.

We can’t wait for the Mermaid party Friday night.  You shall see the Greek goddess from the swamp! Saturday, I am interested to see how many people get the Dionysus and Hera references.

Me? I’m as excited as any teen demon with a black American Express card and Diamonique(R) on QVC. I am ready to devour the sights, sounds and fun of CONjure Florida … with barbeque sauce!

Now, to make some appropriate giveaways for active participants in the workshops. This CONjure fun is addictive!

by Lynn Conradt-Eberlin

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