Top 7 Reasons to Get a Room at CONjure

After nearly 20 years of con-going, I’ve been to plenty of venues — and I can honestly say that hotel-based cons are my favorite. Even when I lived in Atlanta I always got a full set of room nights. Here’s why you

Makeup job done at the DoubleTree. Don't pink and drive.

Makeup job photographed at the DoubleTree. Don’t pink and drive.

should get a room at #CONjureFlorida:

    1. I have a place to put all the stuff I bought in the dealer room so I don’t have to schlep it around while juggling my costume props.
    2. When all your friends come to the con you have a place to hold a reunion and play “Werewolf” all night. (Note: I do not do this, but I have seen it. It is real. )
    3. I have a place to keep my beverages chilling so I can come by to surreptitiously fill up my “beer saber.”  (I am over 21.)
    4. There’s always an 11 p.m. AMV contest going on (or the premiere of excellent film fare like “Zombeak”).
    5. Mark Sheppard might come by the hotel sports bar where I’m resting my Monster High boots and having a burger … to ask if he can borrow a chair. And smile.
    6. Yes the elevators can be challenging at times, but there’s always a private bathroom and the necessary air conditioning required for an elaborate makeup by Roy Wooley.
    7. And the best part about CONjure hotel rooms?  You get a free 3-day pass with every room night!

Ready to get a room? Visit our direct CONjure room reservation link for a special rate and addition to the free 3-day pass.

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