Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer at CONjure

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any good con. And any good con makes friends for life of its volunteers. It’s exactly 10 years from our first con and our team’s still the family that DreamCon made. Here are five more reasons you should be a minion, er, volunteer at #CONjureFlorida:

#CONjureFlorida, volunteer at CONjure

Mercedes McNab with volunteer Richard Bradley.


    1. You’ll get a really cool t-shirt that no one else will have. (Except the other volunteers of course.)
    2. Access to the official CONjure 2014 “minion pit” for breaks and refreshments. There will probly be pizza.
    3. You could become a red shirt. At CONjure, a Roving Red Shirt is a volunteer who’s top-notch at answering attendee questions and being helpful. Also, Roving Red Shirts get to act out truly heinous deaths a la “Star Trek” for added attendee entertainment value. So if you’re creative and like to perform, just saying.
    4. You could graduate to a guest runner. You know, “Get me some water with cold, crushed ice … from a glacier. And be quick about it!” For our esteemed guests, cosplayers, mermaids and that actor from “Supernatural.”
    5. After 10 hours of volunteer time, we’ll refund your ticket price! That means you get to work an inaugural con, make some inaugural friends and have an awesome inaugural time without having to buy a ticket.

Ready to sign up? Here’s how. Go to our CONjure Volunteer page, fill out the form and I will contact you with further information. It’s that easy! Per standard con operations, you’ll have to purchase your 3-day pass in advance, and upon completion of your minion, er um, volunteer duties we will reimburse you. So go buy your ticket while they are still cheap and then volunteer.

Thank you all in advance!

Uncle Mac
Con Ops, Volunteer Coordinator


  1. Number 4! Number 4! I volunteer for number 4! You know, that actor from those shows. 😉

    • Nearly every actor on the guest list has been in Supernatural. Yep.

    • Lynn, you have to go to the volunteer page and fill out the form, LOL :)

  2. I have already been assigned! Lol


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